Supersoft PU Workplace Mats

All our SuperSoft PU workplace mats are extremely elastic and saft and have a positive anti-fatigue effect on employees with standing, turning and walking work positions. Ergonomic benefits mean increased productivity. Especially designed for dry areas like eg. assembly, distribution and workbench areas in automotive, electronic, metal working industries.

Supersoft Allround

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Bubble design

  • Highest standing comfort
  • Especially for standing work positions

Disk Design

  • High comfort with ø16 mm disc designed surface
  •  Freedom of  movements when rotating


  • High comnfort with ø8 mm
  • Optimum for workplaces with walking movements like eg. production lines and walkways



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  • Three types: Disk, Walk and Bubble
  • Standard (grey)
  • Antistatic/ESD –
  • DIN EN 61340-5-l(black)
  • Fire-retardant – DIN 4102/B1 (grey)
  • Combination Bl + ESD (black)


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  • Super elastic and durable PU foam.
  • Molded beveled edges on all sides.
  • Highest standing comfort.
  • Anti-slip, durable and strong.
  • Retains permanent shape.

Product Specifications

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  • Thickness: 12 mm -14 mm (depending on design)
  • Weight: 5,5 kg/m2
  • Colour: Grey
  • Surface: Bubbles or raised discs ø8 or ø16 mm.
  • Underside: Solid or herringbone

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