RubDisc – Industrial Workplace Mat

RubDisc is the high-end solution for allround industrial heavy duty areas.
RubDisc is made of a 100% virgin nitrile rubber compound. Extremely durable rubber and resistant to most industrial oils, chemicals and fluids.
Elastic “wavy” underside construction for excellent stability and standing comfort – easy to clean.
Ø16 mm disc surface design – optimum for industrial areas with walking and turning movements like assembly lines or pick-pack workstations. Freedom of movement. Also approved for food industry and general hygenic applications according to DGUV Test – “Hygenic Test” GS-NV 6:2019/08. 


Black nitrile rubber – oil, chemical and grease proof for industrial applications.

Black nitrile rubber – fireretadent and ESD combined.

Optional light grey EPDM rubber – water, animal fats, high temperature proof, antibacterial for food industry and hygenic areas.


Any size and any shape possible. – Just measure up!

Guarantee – 3 years

Please request a sample and test resistance on site if
application is heavily contaminated.


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  • Elastic, strong and durable virgin nitrile rubber.
  • Oil proof 100% nitrile rubber compound.
  • Molded beveled edges on all sides.
  • High standing comfort – ø16 mm DISC
  • Freedom of movements / twist-turns
  • Easy access and transportation with carts etc.
  • Easy to clean “wavy” underside.

Product Specifications

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  • Thickness: 12 mm 
  • Weight: 7 kg/m2
  • Colour: Black
  • Surface:  Disc ø16 mm coin / easy access 
  • Freedom of movement – low friction
  • Underside: Waves – easy to clean
  • Edges: Molded bevelled on all sides
  • Optional in high grade nitrile ESD  and fireretardent compound.

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Examples standard sizes:

66 x 96 cm, 66 x 141 cm, 66 x 186 cm, 66 x 231 cm,

66 x 276cm, 66 x 321 cm, 66 x 366 cm,

96 x 66 cm, 96 x 96 cm, 96 x 126 cm, 96 x 156 cm,

96 x 186 cm, 96 x 186 cm, 96 x 246 cm, 96 x 306 cm