An extremely heavy, strong, solid and oil resistant nitrile rubber mat. Made of a 100% nitrile rubber compound. Flexible installation for a smaller area or a wall-to-wall solution. RubTile Solid for workpositions with movements and areas with work traffic, carts etc.
RubTile Holes for work environments where drainage of oils, chemicals and fluids is needed. Holes are also optimum to collect metal swarfs and debris in poluted areas. Attachable with 6 cm wide safety ramps for easy access for material carts. RubTile has a positive anti-fatigue effect on employees with standing and moving workpositions. For all employees with standing workpositions in industrial areas with cold, slippery, oily, wet and poluted floors. Resistant to most industrial oils, fluids, welding sparks etc.


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  • Black nitrile rubber resistant to most oils and fluids in industrial areas
  • Optional in NBR/nitrile rubber black – combined ESD + B1 compound
  • Shapes: 91×91 cm interlocking tiles.
  • On-site customization / Easy to relocate
  • Attachable black or yellow ramps


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  • Interlocking rubber tiles with yellow or black ramps
  • On-site installation/customization.
  • RubTile Solid for all industrial areas where a closed surface is optimum.
  • RubTile Holes for areas with spilling of fluids and where drainage is needed.
  • Oil resistant. 100% nitrile rubber compound.
  • Attachable – black or yellow ramps
  • Good standing comfort.
  • Durable, solid and strong.

Product Specifications

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  • Thickness: 19 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg/m2
  • Colour: Black
  • Ramps: 6 cm widths – yellow or black
  • Surface: Solid pebbled or with holes

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