La Ola Hygenic

La Ola Hygenic is the premium solution for wet, greasy and slippery floors like in foodindustry, commercial kitchens, catering, hospital and in general in all areas with standing work, where high hygenic standards are required.

La Ola is made of a high-grade EPDM rubber compound. Resistant to animal fats, grease, water and high temperatures. Optimum anti-slip surface design.


Elastic, strong and durable high-grade EPDM rubber in  light grey colour. Grease, water, antibacterial and temperature proof - EPDM rubber compound.

Molded beveled edges on all sides.

Highest standing comfort. Highest anti-slip properties.

Easy to clean "wavy" underside.

No colouring off after high temperature cleaning.

Product specifications:

Thickness: 14 mm

Weight: 7 kg/m 2

Colour: Light grey

Surface: Anti-slip / Anti-fatigue

Underside: Easy to clean wavy underside

Examples standard sizes:
2 x 92 cm, 62 x 137 cm, 62 x 182 cm, 62 x 227 cm, 62 x 272 cm, 62 x 317 cm, 62 x 362 cm,
92 x 62 cm, 92 x 92 cm, 92 x 122 cm, 92 x 152 cm, 92 x 182 cm, 92 x 212 cm, 92 x 242 cm, 92 x 302 cm


La Ola Hygenic

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