Nitrile Walk

Nitrile Walk (flat) are premium solutions for wet, oily and heavy industrial areas.

Made of a 100% virgin nitrile rubber compound. Resistant to most industrial oils and fluids. Nitrile Stand has a optimum ergonomic bubble surface for standing workpositions. Alternatively Nitrile Walk has a flat sandblast surface for workpositions with walking/turning movements. The flat surface of Nitrile Walk also allows safe and easy access and transportation with carts. Elastic “airpocket” underside construction for excellent stability on smooth flooring.
Especially designed for heavy usage areas around machines and workbenches in industrial areas in eg. automotive and metal working industries with oil and fluid spilling.

Elastic, strong and durable virgin nitrile rubber.
Oil proof 100% nitrile rubber compound.
Molded beveled edges on all sides.
Highest standing comfort. Highest anti-slip properties.
Airpocket underside for stability on smooth flooring.
Product specifications:
Thickness: 12 mm (Bubble) / 10 mm (Flat)
Weight: 7 kg/m2
Colour: Black
Surface: Anti-slip (Bubble) / easy access (Flat)
Underside: Airpockets
Edges: Molded bevelled on all sides
Optional with a solid underside for truck, pallets and heavy material collision. Optional in high grade nitrile ESD compound.
Examples standard sizes:
62 x 92 cm, 62 x 137 cm, 62 x 182 cm, 62 x 227 cm, 62 x 272 cm, 62 x 317 cm, 62 x 362 cm,
92 x 62 cm, 92 x 92 cm, 92 x 122 cm, 92 x 152 cm, 92 x 182 cm, 92 x 212 cm, 92 x 242 cm, 92 x 302 cm

Types: Black nitrile rubber – oil and grease proof for industrial applications. Optional black high grade nitrile ESD rubber.

Any size and any shape possible.
Just measure up!

Guarantee: 3 years
Please request a sample and test resistance on site if
application is heavily contaminated.


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