Soft Air Meter

Soft Air Meter is a economic soft anti-fatigue mat of elastic vinylfoam. For all employees with standing and walking workpositions in dry and clean working areas. Especially designed for retailshops, packing lines or in dry clean industrial environment. Where a lightweight and economic solution is needed.

All our ergonomic workplace mats have a positive anti-fatigue effect on employees with standing work positions. Ergonomic benefits mean increased productivity. 

Anti-slip Ribbed or Pebble surface.
Easy to clean and sweep off.
Basic standing comfort.
Economic solution.

Product specifications:
Thickness: 10 mm
Weight: 2,4 kg/m2
Colour: Grey
Surface: Air Meter Ribbed or Air Meter
Edges: Ramped on all sides

Types: Standard – grey

Sizes: 61 cm x 18,3 meter roll
91 cm x 18,3 meter roll
122 cm x 18,3 meter roll

Just roll out!

Standard sizes: 60×91 cm, 91 x 150 cm, 91 x 300 cm, 91 x 600 cm.

Cutlenghts available in all 3 above widths eg : 91 x 660 cm.


Soft Air Meter PDF

Download (860.78k)