Shiny Allround is for all employees with standing, turning and walking workpositions in dry working areas.

All our ergonomic workplace mats have a positive anti-fatigue effect on employees with standing work positions. Ergonomic benefits mean increased productivity.
Especially designed for retail, office, pharmaceutical, laboratory, hospital, pharmacy – in general all areas where a hard glossy smooth clean surface is a must.
Smooth hard surface for easy access with carts.

Hard smooth vinyl top surface – glossy anthracite grey. Laminated onto a elastic sponge.
Beveled edges prevent tripping.
High standing comfort – extra sponge thickness.
Strong elegant top surface.
Easy to clean glossy surface.
Easy access with carts, castors.

Product specifications:
Thickness: 16 mm (3 mm hard top + 13 mm elastic sponge bottom)
Weight: 6,3 kg/m2
Colour: Anthracite grey
Surface: Glossy smooth
Edges: Ramped on all sides

Types: Standard – grey

Sizes: 91 cm x 18,3 meter roll

Just roll out!

Standard sizes : 60 x 91 cm, 91 x 150 cm, 91 x 300 cm, 91 x 600 cm.
Cutlenghts available in 91 cm widths in all lenghts – eg : 91 x 660 cm.
Guarantee: 5 years


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