FlexoLines is a tough self adhesive aisle marking tape to mark your aisles, walkways, warehouse lines,
shipping areas and safety hazards throughout your facility. The advantage of FlexoLines is that it is easy
to install and maintain.

Further more it is also removable without leaving residue for new configurations
and lay-outs and is tough and durable.The cost for aisle marking will be reduced with FlexoLines which
can be used on eg. concrete, stone, tile, vinyl and metal floors. Please study our product information
and installation guide.

Product Information:
Material: PVC
Roll lenghts: 50 linear metres (other lengths possible)
Widths: 50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm
Colours: Yellow / green / red / blue / white / black
Thickness: 1,3 mm
Hardness: ShoreA 85
Surface: Smooth – easy to clean and shiny
Underside: Self adhesive
Adhesive: Standard (normal power)
Extra (extreme power)
Warranty : 2 years
Adhesive :
FlexoLines has a very strong adhesive quality.
In general – the smoother and cleaner the floor –
the better it adheres. Please order our free testing
kit. (2 x 1 metres FlexoLines Standard + Extra)
FlexoLines…you will never paint again…


FlexoLines PDF

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