SuperSoft – the most elastic, soft, ergonomic anti-fatigue workmats.
SuperSoft workplace mats retains permanent elastic shape – and are made of strong durable PU.
SuperSoft is the range of workplace mats which can be customized to any size and any shape – just measure up…
SuperSoft Bubble is the optimum floormat for standing work like assembly and workbench areas.
SuperSoft Disc is the allround anti-fatigue matting solution for work with turning and walking movements.
All our anti-fatigue and safety workplace mats are made of PU, nitrile or EPDM rubber compounds and are developed according to specific ESD, antistatic, fire-retardant and oil proof standards.

Tired and heavy legs? Sore feet? Back pain? Slippery and cold floors?
…standing workpositions on hard, slippery or cold floors are closely linked to fatigue and muscular, joint and cardiovascular diseases.
Use one of our anti-slip and anti-fatigue ergonomic safety mats. The "standing comfort" immediately improves by 50% - and fatigue and discomfort are significantly reduced.
Improved workenvironment and increased productivity.